Guard > Passing

The guard is a shield for jiu jitsu players and can be used as an equalizer against a more powerful opponent.

Level 1Double under pass Level 1Knee to same side pass Level 1Toreando Level 1Stack pass Level 1Knee slice Level 1Bull Fight Level 1101 pass with underhook Level 1101 pass with intro Level 1Double under pass Level 1Pass to Knee belly drill Level 1Over under standard finish Level 1Knee slice counter to single Level 1Bear hug counter push face free hips Level 1Counter knee through using scissor sweep Level 2101 pass keeping lapel grip Level 2Over under guard pass Level 2Toreando to knee belly control Level 2Double under with wrist control Level 2Leg weave pass Level 2Ankle Lock from open guard Level 2Over under guard pass Level 2Variation over under pass Level 2Stack pass grip variation Level 2Dance pass basic Level 2Achilles Lock Tyrone Glover Level 2Xpass Finish options Tyrone G. Level 2Counter to knee slice pass Level 2Counter knee slice to deep half Level 2Double under counter to guillotine Level 2Bear hug counter spin out Level 2Double under counter via loop choke Level 2Collar drag counter to toreando pass Level 3Leg weave pass Level 3Leg drag pass Level 3Double under to over under pass Level 3Ankle lock to guard pass Level 3Hang um high pass Level 3Leg drag to achilles lock Tyrone Level 3Attacking Kimura off Guard pass Tyrone Level 3Tight guard pass Tyrone G. Level 3X pass Tyrone G. Level 3Double under counter to pad lock Level 3Counter bear hug pass with wrestling switch Level 3Knee through counter to X Guard Level 3Counter knee pass by passing lapel Level 3Counter back step pass using lapel pass Level 3Counter over under pass using belt lift Level 3Elbow drag counter to toreando Level 3Omaplata counter to bear hug pass Level 3Leg weave counter using leg laso sweep Level 3Rolling knee bar from guard pass Level 4101 pass to mount position Level 4Leg weave to mount Level 4Hip heavy pass Level 4Double under to jumping pass Level 4Hip switch guard pass Level 4Double under counter to shoulder lock Level 4Counter bear hug pass with funk roll Level 4Double under back take Level 5101 to hip roll pass Level 5Double under to back control Level 5Floating guard pass Level 5Counter over under pass with wrist lock