Guard > Closed Guard

The guard is a shield for jiu jitsu players and can be used as an equalizer against a more powerful opponent.

Level 1Basic Head-control armlock Level 1Basic Armlock Defense Level 1Basic Armlock Level 1Kimura Level 1Cross Choke Defense Level 1Basic Cross Choke Level 1Kimura Defense Level 1Basic Triangle Defense Level 1Punch Triangle Level 1Lumberjack Sweep Level 1Overhead Sweep Level 1Scissor Sweep Level 1Hip Heist Sweep Level 1Breaking the guard from knees Level 1Breaking the guard from the feet Level 1Standing guard break Level 1Standing 2 on 1 guard break Level 1Old school armlock Level 1Basic Jiu-Jitsu Armlock Level 1Cross Choke from Closed Guard Level 1The Over Grip cross choke Level 1Armlock defense Level 1Punch triangle Level 1Top defense and position Level 1Kimura attack drill Level 1Inverted armlock drill Level 2Basic guillotine escape Level 2Circle out triangle escape Level 2Brabo Choke Level 2Brabo Choke Variation Level 2Loop Choke Level 2Armlock From Lapel Trap Level 2Knee wedge guard break Level 2Deadlift guard break Level 2Hip Control guard break Level 2Armlock with trapped grip Level 2Loop choke from guard Level 2Combo loop choke Level 2Inverted armlock to omaplata Level 2Scissor Sweep knee push Level 2scissor sweep to cross choke Level 3Triangle escape-Change angle Level 3Kimura from hip heist Level 3Overhook Choke Level 3Omoplata Armlock With the Foot Under the Chin Level 3Double under control Level 3Double Underhooks to Triangle Using Lapel Level 3Arm trap axe sweep Level 3Arm drag to hook sweep Level 3Arm drag to back Level 3Arm drag to scissor sweep Level 3Rubber guard to omoplata Level 3Rubber guard to far side armlock Level 3Rubber guard to triangle Level 3Breaking guard from the knees Level 3Americano from Closed Guard Level 3Cross choke using belt grip Level 3Up and over to guillotine Level 3Funk roll option from omaplata Level 3Funk roll from closed guard Level 3Ankle lock as counter to triangle choke Level 3Ankle lock as a counter to armlock Level 3Scissor Sweep to cross arm drag Level 4Hip heist to triangle Level 4Overhook to Omoplata Level 4Inverted armlock Level 4Arm drag to overhead sweep Level 4Arm drag to armlock set Level 4Omaplata counter using leg lock Tyrone Glover Level 4Armlock series from closed guard Level 4Scissor sweep combo using cross arm Level 5Wrestling switch from up and over sweep