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Level 1Double leg drill Level 1Duck Walk Level 1Sit out Level 1Single leg basic position Level 1Pummeling drill Level 1Wrist control drill Level 1Collar tie drill Level 1Arm drag drill Level 1Snap and spin Level 1Basic sweep single Level 1Snap down basic double leg Level 1Basic double leg Level 1Basic double Level 1Closing the gap Level 1Front Headlock drill Level 1Movement Drills for square stance Level 1Square Stance basics Level 1Attack stance Level 1Turning the corner drill Level 1Double leg option Level 1Front headlock snap down Level 1Two control in wrestling Level 2Single leg run pipe finish Level 2Clear elbow double leg takedown Level 2Club dig intro Level 2Single with far lapel Level 2Beating the whizzer fight Level 2Body Lock Tyrone Level 2Single off grip break Tyrone Level 2Single leg finish option Tyrone Level 22 on 1 trip Level 2Building up from single leg Level 2Low Single Level 2Basket Choke Level 22 on 1: Single leg Level 22 on 1: double wrist lock Level 2Underhook: Body Lock Level 2Underhook: Single leg Level 2Underhook: Snap down Level 2Collar tie snap down Level 2Collar tie to ankle pic Level 3Low single Level 3Single to running double leg Level 3Single leg fake to fireman's carry Level 3Club dig to toss over Level 3Knee block off club dig Level 3Snap down off club dig position Level 3club dig to ankle pick Level 3High crotch to single leg Level 3High crotch to double leg Level 3Ippon seoinage nogi Level 3Drop Seoi nage nogi Level 32 on 1 to single leg Level 32 on 1 to ankle pick Level 3Ouchi gari to single leg takedown Level 3Headlock toss with wrist control Level 3High Crotch to single off grip break Level 32 on 1 far leg attack Level 3Collar tie pull through Level 3Collar tie throw Level 3Fireman's off second shot Level 3Front headlock to lift Level 3Outside firman's carry Level 3Underhook to knee block option Level 3Underhook to throw single Level 3Dirty Greco foot trip Level 3Dirty Greco: osoto gari Level 3Dirty Greco: Ouchi Gari Level 3Over under control: Snap down overhook side Level 350/50 snap down underhook side Level 3Greco: Slide-by Level 3Front headlock to spinner Level 3High crotch to knee collapse Level 4Single leg Finish option 2 Tyrone G. Level 4Greco: Reach around to snap down Level 4Greco: Reach around Level 4Front headlock to inside trip Level 4High crotch to crackdown finish Level 4The outside Single Level 4Outside high crotch Level 5Firemans carry without the leg control Level 5Front headlock to chin trap Level 5High Crotch feet to back takedown