Guide to the Guard

The guard is the quintessential position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The guard is not relevant in other grappling arts like Judo or Wrestling making it truly unique. The guard is your shield when on your back and when mastered can offer you many weapons. The guard position can be used to control and off-balance your opponent, control and submit your opponent, help you improve your position, and create space and stand back up. Our guide will help you understand this complex position, and when studied in order, will dramatically speed up your progression.


Hip and shoulder movement drill

Guard movement drills

Guard retention fundamentals

The guard position

Scissor sweep from closed guard

Rocking chair drill

Scissor sweep to triangle choke

Rocking chair partner drill

Scissor sweep to armlock combination

Sit up sweep to triangle choke

Up and over sweep from closed guard

Sit up sweep to kimura from guard

Over head sweep from closed guard

Guillotine from the closed guard in BJJ

Cross choke from closed guard

Basic armlock from the closed guard

Cross choke variation from closed guard

Armlock variation from the closed guard

Cross choke using an over the back grip from guard

Loop choke from the closed guard

Loop choke to sweep combo from closed guard

Punch triangle using thai clench

Kimura attack drill

Arm drag back take from guard

Arm drag to armlock series from closed guard

Rubber guard armlock setup

Rubber guard pummeling and sequence

Triangle choke off rubber guard sequence

Omoplata off of rubber guard setup

Lumberjack sweep from closed guard

DLR ( De La Riva) reverse back sweep

DLR ( De La Riva) base check sweep

Shin to shin sweep from seated guard

Simple reversal from butterfly guard

DLR ( De La Riva) basic stand up sweep

DLR (De La Riva) spin under sweep

DLR (De La Riva) basic sit up sweep

DLR (De La Riva) overhead sweep

Cross choke from butterfly guard

Hook sweep off wrist control

Hook sweep using double underhook controls

Hook sweep using the gable grip to trap head

Arm Drag sweep

Spider guard basic movement and gripping

Spider guard to armlock

Leg laso to triangle choke

Triangle choke from spider guard

Knee slice counter to tripod sweep

Bear hug pass defense

Collar drag counter to toreando guard pass in BJJ

Knee slice counter to x guard in BJJ

Over under counter using overhead sweep

Wrist lock counter to the popular over/under guard pass in Jiu Jitsu

Counter to the leg weave guard pass in Jiu Jitsu