The guard is a shield for jiu jitsu players and can be used as an equalizer against a more powerful opponent. The open guard is a term that encompasses a number of specific guards. The spider guard, the butterfly guard, seated (Margarita) guard, De la Riva guard and the X-guard are all examples of an open guard.


Over under to back take

Over under pivot finish

Over under change directions

De La Riva to inverted roll

De La RIva sweep to leg drag technique

Baby Bolo

Baby bolo options to take back

Hook sweep on weak side using gable grip and chin lever

Hook sweep using the gable grip to trap head

Knee bump variation of the hook sweep

Hook sweep using double underhook controls

Hook sweep off wrist control

Hook sweep using underhook position

Seated guard sweep to triangle submission

Underhook knee slice variation

Seated guard with arm trapped sweep

Hook sweep to x-guard

Double underhook pass counter the leg hook defense

See saw sweep to judo armlock

See saw sweep from the closed guard

Tripod sweep setup

Spider guard to lumber jack sweep

Low pass to back take off opponent turning in

Heavy weight low passing

Over under pass while opponent pulls half guard

Defending the common hook sweep

Butterfly guard pass using an over grip

Passing the DLR (De La Riva) guard using same side knee cut to free the ankle grip

Passing the DLR (De La RIva) guard using the leg drag technique

Spider guard passing with Fedor

Spider guard pass to armlock finish

Closed guard pass using leg trap step over

Scissor sweep to bolo back take

Scissor sweep to triangle choke

Scissor sweep to armlock combination

Scissor sweep variation when leg is posted

Arm Drag sweep

Arm drag to unique lapel choke

Arm drag to back magic choke

Arm drag to lapel variation choke

Back take from double under pass

Scissor sweep to cross choke

Guard sweep under near side leg

Seated guard (over the back forward sweep)

Counter to the back step using lapel

Scissor sweep to arm drag to back combo

Scissor sweep to arm drag lift sweep

Scissor sweep to knee push variation

Inverted armlock to omoplata

Inverted armlock drill

Kimura attack drill

Rolling knee bar off guard pass

Ankle lock counter to armlock

Ankle lock counter to triangle choke

Omoplata to funk roll finish

Funk roll counter to guard break

Spider guard passing pinning legs

Spider guard pass hanging legs

Toreando pass from spider guard

Spider guard pass to back control

Step over leg to break spider guard grip

Spider guard pass step on leg

Spider guard pass to stack choke

Spider guard stack to back control

Push pull pass to spider guard

Cut back pass from spider guard

Basic spider guard passing

Ankle lock counter to the spider guard

Triangle choke from spider guard

Spider guard to DLR (De La Riva) guard transition

Steering wheel sweep from spider guard

Shin sweep from spider guard

Redbull sweep

Scissor sweep from spider guard

Omoplata from spider guard

The leg laso position

Leg laso to triangle choke

Leg laso to omoplata

Spider guard basic movement and gripping

Spider guard to armlock

Overhook sweep to cross choke

Knee slice pass

Toreando pass nogi options

Toreando guard pass

Dance pass to knee belly

Leg weave pass nogi version

Leg drag pass

Hip heavy guard pass

Double under trapping arm

Double under to back control

Light player double under variation

Double under to over/under pass

Hip switch pass combo

Jumping double under pass

Floating guard pass

Dance pass

Stack pass

Toreando guard pass

Knee to same side guard pass

Over under pass from double under

Ankle lock to guard pass combination

Over under guard pass

Leg weave pass to mount

101 to leg weave guard pass

Knee belly stabilization drills

101 pass to mount position

Basic guard pass

101 pass keeping arm on same side

101 to hip switch combination pass

101 guard pass

Straight ankle lock

Scissor sweep from closed guard

Up and over sweep from closed guard

Over head sweep from closed guard

Lumberjack sweep from closed guard

Guard break using knee wedge

2 on 1 standing guard break

Askren guard break

Standing guard break with sleeve

Breaking the closed guard from knees

Closed guard fundamentals for top player

Toe hold to calf lock combination

Armlock off guard pass

Calf lock rolling counter

Rolling omoplata to triangle combination

Toe hold counter to the open guard

Guard pass to rolling omoplata attack

The chin strap guard pass

The leg drag guard pass

DLR ( De La Riva) base check sweep

DLR ( De La Riva) reverse back sweep

Inverted guard to lumberjack sweep

Inverted guard to 50/50 guard

Back roll sweep from inverted DLR guard

Shin to shin sweep from seated guard

Inverted guard chop sweep

Inverted guard to calf lock submission

Inverted guard to knee bar attack

Inside trip from seated guard

Inverted DLR to the x-guard sweep

Over head sweep from DLR ( De La Riva) guard

Back sweep from DLR (De La Riva) guard

Guard passing basics (De La Riva)

Back step pass to back take

Knee bar counter to De La Riva guard

Calf lock to guard pass combination

Using the cross choke to counter the DLR guard

Calf lock counter to the DLR guard

Back step guard pass from DLR position

Kimura counter to the De La Riva guard

DLR (De La Riva) spin around back take

DLR (De La Riva) basic sit up sweep

DLR ( De La Riva) trap near arm roll thru sweep

DLR (De La Riva) spin under sweep

DLR (De La Riva) overhead sweep

DLR ( De La Riva) sleeve pass with lapel control

DLR ( De La Riva) basic stand up sweep

DLR (De La Riva) kouchi gari sweep

DLR (De La Riva) basic sleeve sweep

Sit up sweep to triangle choke

Sit up sweep to guillotine choke

Sit up sweep to kimura from guard

Guillotine defense from closed guard

Last ditch effort triangle escape

Triangle defense rotate out

Arm drag to armlock series from closed guard

Triangle choke off rubber guard sequence

Omoplata off of rubber guard setup

Rubber guard pummeling and sequence

Rubber guard armlock setup

Arm drag back take from guard

Basic Armlock nogi

Arm drag to axe sweep from closed guard

Basic punch triangle

Kimura defense in closed guard

Triangle defense from closed guard

Kimura bent armlock from guard

Choke with overhook control from closed guard

Omoplata armlock combination from guard

Loop choke from closed guard

Lapel control setup to triangle choke

Inverted armlock from closed guard

Double under with lapel control to axe sweep and armlock

Armlock using lapel to trap arm

Arm drag to hook sweep from guard

Brabo choke from closed guard

Arm drag to overhead sweep from closed guard

Trap arm axe sweep from guard

Inverted armlock to omoplata combo from guard

Cross choke counter in closed guard

Cross choke from guard

Basic armlock from closed guard

Stacking armlock defense

Back step pass from butterfly

Tight butterfly guard pass

Hip laso butterfly pass to strong side

Spinal shank sweep from butterfly setup

Simple reversal from butterfly guard

Inverted armlock sweep and submission from butterfly guard

Guillotine to hook sweep from butterfly

X guard stand up sweep

Bear hug sweep from butterfly guard

X guard back sweep

Toe hold leg lock to reversal

Open guard foot lock with belly down option

Heal hook from butterfly setup

Ankle lock from butterfly setup

Floating pass clearing the hooks from butterfly guard

Beating the hook and passing butterfly guard

Butterfly pass holding belt

Basic butterfly guard pass

Jacare guard pass from butterfly

Cross choke from butterfly guard

Snap down back take from seated guard

Loop choke to cross choke combo from butterfly guard

Snap to rolling loop choke from butterfly guard

Trap arm roll under sweep from butterfly guard

Knee block sweep from butterfly guard

Inverted armlock from butterfly guard in jiu jitsu

Hook sweep using belt from butterfly guard in BJJ

Cross choke and hook sweep combo from butterfly guard

Arm drag to the back in butterfly guard

Arm drag to hook sweep from butterfly guard

Collar drag from butterfly guard

Over head sweep from butterfly guard

Whizzar counter using arm drag from butterfly

Cross choke to leg pick sweep from butterfly guard

Back take from butterfly swimming the head

Trap arm roll under from butterfly guard

Belt control duck under sweep from butterfly guard

X pass options in BJJ

X Pass finishing options

Tight guard pass T Glover style

Pass to kimura lock in BJJ

Leg drag pass to ankle lock in BJJ

Achilles lock from guard pass in BJJ

Toe hold and ankle lock from 50/50 in BJJ

Ankle lock counter to omoplata in jiu jitsu

Toehold from De La Riva guard in jiu jitsu

Butterfly guard sweep using lapel pass in jiu jitsu

Butterfly sweep using reverse lapel pass in jiu jitsu

Loop choke to sweep combo from closed guard

Loop choke from the closed guard

Cross choke using an over the back grip from guard

Cross choke variation from closed guard

Cross choke from closed guard

Basic armlock from the closed guard

Armlock variation from the closed guard

Shoulder lock from the closed guard

Wrestling funk roll counter to the bear hug guard pass in bjj

Wrestling switch counter to the bear hug guard pass

Double under pass counter using the pad lock

Knee slice counter to deep half guard

Knee slice counter using single leg

Wrist lock counter to the popular over/under guard pass in Jiu Jitsu

Bear hug pass defense

Double under counter to shoulder lock

Double under counter using the guillotine choke

Knee slice counter to tripod sweep

Guillotine from the wedge position in open guard

Guillotine combinations off opponents defense

Guillotine angles and Levers in Jiu Jitsu

Choke slam details

Fundamentals of closed guard (Top player)

The wrestling switch from the closed guard in Jiu Jitsu

Punch triangle using thai clench

Guillotine from the closed guard in BJJ

Basic armlock defense in the closed guard

Counter to the leg weave guard pass in Jiu Jitsu

Bear hug guard pass counter to inverted armlock

Toreando counter using the elbow drag in Jiu Jitsu

Collar drag counter to toreando guard pass in BJJ

Over under counter using overhead sweep

Double under pass counter using the loop choke

Lapel pass between the legs backstep counter sweep

Elevator sweep off the knee slice guard pass in BJJ

Knee slice counter to x guard in BJJ

Spider guard to omoplata attack in BJJ

Sneaky inverted armlock from the de la riva guard in jiu jitsu.

Step over pass for short time

De la riva sweep using foot on bicep

Armlock from the closed guard

Leg laso to omoplata

Scissor sweep combo to baseball choke in BJJ

slick pass off the knee shield defense in BJJ

Margarida knee slice option

DLR pass using knee slice to same side

Leg drag option from the DLR guard in Jiu-Jitsu

Berimbolo to mount finish


Omoplata from De La Riva X

Passing the 50/50 from the standing position

Beating the 50/50 position

Leg drag option off counter

Meregali Leg Drag

Leg laso to leg drag guard pass

Passing the leg laso with a 2 on 1 grip

Passing the leg laso pinning the hips

De La Riva X to standing single leg

De La Riva X Forward sweep

De La Riva X sweep alt grip

De La Riva X sweep

De La Riva X setup alt grip

De La Riva X setup

Gripping options from the open guard nogi

Last resort omoplata defense

Cartwheel escape to omoplata

The handstand sweep

Defending the handstand sweep

Defense to the lumberjack sweep