Side Control


Kimura using a leg strangle when opponents chin is up

Kimura finish using knees to isolate the neck preventing the spin out counter

Side control pressure and weight shifting

Osaekomi waza (pinning techniques)

Armbar variations

Armbar grip breaks

Funk roll counter to single leg escape

Cross side escape pushing bicep

Single leg defense from side control escape

Kimura (bent armlock) off knee belly position

Guillotine choke from knee belly position

Step over triangle choke from cross side

The bolt cutter choke

Basic darce choke hand positions

Americano with the legs from side control

Sneaky darce setup from side control

Armlock using legs and step over armlock

Darce choke from side control

Kimura (Bent armlock) from side control

Straight armlock from side control

Americano (bent armlock) from side control

Armlock drills from side control

Kimura and 180 armlock combination

Darce and head and arm combination choke

180 armlock from cross side

Kimura and americano combo from side control

Cross choke from side control

Knee bump side control escape

Scorpion escape from bottom north south position

Cross side escape to single leg reversal

Scorpion armlock from north south

North south escape to single leg reversal

North south escape inverted forward reversal

North south escape inverted guard

Scoop the leg cross side reversal

Roll away cross side escape

Defending the darce choke

Americano escape from side control

Kimura counter to inverted triangle

Basic cross side escape drills

Armlock counter to escape bottom

Jumping triangle from knee belly position

Knee belly to reverse triangle choke

Darce counter to opponent rolling away (SLICK)

Knee belly to guillotine choke

Knee belly to darce choke

Knee belly to side control cross choke

Knee belly transition to mounted cross choke

Knee belly to bow and arrow choke

Knee belly fundamentals

Knee belly to choke and armlock combo

Cross side escape to mount counter

Side control escape using leg scoop

Cross side escape using arm drag

Knee belly escape to half guard

Cross side escape using triangle choke counter

cross side escape to darce counter attack

Side control escape to the back

Knee belly escape moving hips under opponent

Knee belly to baseball choke

Knee belly: movements and control

Knee belly position to 180 armlock

Cross side escape to double leg reversal

Knee belly escape grabbing belt

Cross side escape to closed guard

Shoulder lock from cross side

Rotating lapel choke from side control

Rickson cross side

Side control reversal (hips turned in)

Reversal from side control

cross side escape when opponent breaks hips

Basic side control escape

Cross side reversal from bottom

Rolling lapel choke from cross side

Far arm straight armlock from cross side

Step over armlock

Neck crank from cross side

Kesa Gatame side control attacks

Cervical lock from side control

Ankle lock counter to opponent recovering the guard from cross side

180 armlock from cross side position in BJJ

180 Kimura from cross side in jiu jitsu

Brabo choke variation from cross side

Kimura combo to bicep slicer from cross side